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What are comments? How can we use them?

Comments are the ideal tool for member communication. Unlike emails, comments are kept together by subject. When someone starts a comment, other members can read and reply immediately. All replies (or comments) to the original comment are available on one page for easy reading.

Comments can be attached to agenda items, to a meeting agenda, to meeting minutes, etc. but they can also just be stand-alone discussions. 
When comments are attached to an item you will notice the comment icon comment icon above or below the item. Simply click on the icon to open the comment window where you can read and add your comments if desired.

Comments can be used for a multitude of purposes but mostly they are used to comment on agenda or minutes items in between meetings saving valuable time during the actual meeting.
Some committees even use them to organize virtual meetings: You don't physically meet (sometimes it's impossible to get all people together) but members have the opportunity to provide comments on each item for a period of time. After that, minutes can be made from the key points of each discussion without ever entering a meeting room!

Can I still modify a comment after I post it?

Yes, comments are not carved in stone and can be modified any time. Simply click the edit icon icon to edit.

How do I delete a comment?

Comments can also be deleted at any time. Click the delete icon icon to delete the comment
Note that this operation can not be undone!


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