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What are standing items?

Standing items are agenda items that usually appear on the agenda of every regular scheduled meeting. Examples are: review the minutes of the previous meeting, review the agenda of the current meeting, financial report, status report, etc.
If you enter these items in the committee settings they will appear automatically on the agenda of every new regular meeting (you can still defer or delete them if you want).
When you schedule a special meeting, standing items are not added to the agenda automatically.

Can I only add standing items to the beginning or end of the meeting?

No, you can add standing items to any section of the agenda. A typical simple agenda template could look like this:

1. Standing items (E.g. status update, review minutes, etc.)
2. Business arising (old business)
3. New business
4. Closing items (E.g. Date next meeting)

For a normal agenda you will only have to enter the 'New business' items. mycommittee will take care of the rest!

What is the Scheduled end time on agenda items?

The 'Scheduled end time' on agenda items is a little tool to help you keep your meeting running on schedule. If you enter the time allotted for each agenda item, mycommittee automatically calculates the scheduled end time for eachitem. This provides guidance during the meeting to make sure you will still have time left for the items at the end of your agenda.

You can enable/disable this feature in the 'Item Format' section of the committee settings


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