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What is a dashboard?

The dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of what is happening in all your committees. You will also use the dashboard to navigate from one committee to another in case you are member of multiple committees. Simply click on the committee name in the dashboard to jump to that committee.
The dashboard is always accessible from the main menu (top left corner) on every page.

What items are listed on the dashboard and overview?

The dashboard and overview pages lists all upcoming or recent activity in your committee(s). This is what you can expect on these pages:

  • Overdue tasks
  • Upcoming events (a task is almost due, a meeting is scheduled, etc.)
  • Notifications of new comments, messages, etc.
  • Recent activity (a new comment was posted, a document uploaded, etc) from all members

Can I see more than 3 items on the dashboard?

No, this number is fixed to keep the dashboard page easy to read. When there are more than 3 items for a committee, simply click on the 'more...' link. This will bring you to the 'Overview' page where all items are listed.

Can I go directly to a committee home page after I log in?

Yes, every user can choose where to go after log in. To change this setting click on 'profile' on the top of any page. Select the 'change' [personal preferences] link to choose either the dashboard or one of your committees as home page after you log in.


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