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How do I delete a meeting?

A meeting can only be deleted until the minutes are created (in agenda status). On the meetings page, click on the 'edit agenda' link. Once the agenda is open select the 'delete meeting' link in the control panel on the right side of the screen. (You can only delete a meeting if you can create agendas)

If you deleted a meeting by mistake you can go to the recycle bin and restore the meeting. All details and attached items will be restored.
Deleted meetings stay in the recycle bin for 30 days. After that they are permanently removed.

I can't enter the minutes of the meeting. The link is missing!

The create minutes link will only show up a little while before the meeting starts. This will allow you to enter the minutes online during or after the meeting (but not before!). If the meeting starts earlier than scheduled, simply change the meeting time in the agenda and the create minutes link will show up.

Please note: Once you start to create the minutes you can no longer go back and change the agenda!

How do I change the meeting date once I have created the agenda?

You can always change the meeting date, time, location, etc. 
1. On the 'meetings' page select the 'edit agenda' link from the meeting you want to change. 
2. On the agenda page click the 'change' [meeting info] link and modify the date
3. Save your changes
4. Distribute the agenda again to notify your members of the changed date

You can insert a note in the notification email if you want.

I can no longer attach documents to a meeting or agenda item?

We're sorry but we can no longer provide file storage space for users of the free version. You will still be able to access documents that were uploaded earlier but you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription before you can upload more documents.

Check out the pricing page here and choose a plan that is right for you

I deleted a standing item from the agenda. Can I get it back?

There are a few ways to get a standing item on the agenda again.
1. Select the 'add item' link in the committee business section at the beginning or the end of the meeting.
2. Either enter a the item manually or click the 'Select from standing items' option. In the latter case check the check box in front of the item you want to add and click 'add selected items'.

I can't delete an item from the agenda. There is no link!?

Agenda items can only be deleted when they are 'new'. For instance, you can add and item to an agenda and (before you start to enter the minutes) delete it again if you entered it by mistake.
Once you create the minutes, the agenda items are fixed and can no longer be deleted. Even when it was decided during the meeting that one ore more items would be removed from the agenda for whatever reason.
Best practice indicates that once an item was added to the agenda it can only be removed when it is completed.

When an item was not discussed during the meeting you have 3 options:
1. Document the fact that the item was not discussed in the meeting minutes (include the reason) and mark the item as 'Completed'. The item will never show up again.
2.If the item was not discussed because of lack of time but should be discussed, mark the item as 'deferred' and enter a deferred date. The item will be added to the agenda again automatically the first meeting on or after the deferred date.
3. Mark the item as deferred but leave the deferred date blank. The item is now 'Parked'. The item will show up in the business arising (not due) section until it is added to a future agenda again.

This way you can rest assured that items will never be lost or forgotten!

How can I add a new item to the agenda that came up during the meeting?

If you didn't create the minutes yet you can add the item to the new business section of the agenda as you would do with any new business
If you are entering the minutes already you can also add a new item to the 'new business' section of the minutes. Select the 'add new business item' link on the minutes page and enter the new item including minutes immediately. The new item is now part of the agenda.

Do guests have access to my committee? Can they see the online agenda?

In short, no. Guests will receive a personalized meeting notification email including a list of items they will be leading (if any) during the meeting but without the link to the online agenda. Your committee is private and only members can log in and review committee information.
Guests to a committee meeting will not receive a minutes notification email.
If required, you can provide your guests with a PDF version of the minutes.


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