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How do I add or delete a committee member?

Committee members are added on the 'People' page. Click on the 'add new member' link to add a new committee member. Name and email address is all you need to add a member.
If the new member doesn't have an email account, just enter the name. The member will not be able to register at your committee web site and can't see the online agendas and minutes but you can still assign items to the member.

Select the create agendas and/or create minutes check-box if the member should be able to create/edit/distribute agendas and/or minutes.

Check the 'Committee Admin' check-box if the member should be a committee administrator.

To delete a member click the delete icon  behind the member's name.

What is the difference between a member and a contact?

A contact is a person that is somehow related to your committee but is not a committee member. When you for instance invite a guest to one of your meetings, mycommittee will automatically create a contact (record) for this person.
Contacts can be registered mycommittee users but can not log in to your committee web site.

What is a committee admin?

A committee admin can perform administrative tasks on your committee web site:

- Edit committee settings
- Add/delete committee members/contacts

The chair person is a committee admin by default

What happens when I delete a member?

When you delete a member, the member's access to your committee web site is removed immediately. The member will remain a registered mycommittee user (can be member of other committees) but can no longer access your committee.
The member's historical contributions to your committee (like documents, comments, etc.) will remain available.

I'm a committee admin but can't delete some members. The link is missing!

A committee chair person can not be deleted. If you need to delete the current chair person follow the next steps:

1. Appoint a new chair and assign the chair role to this member
2. Change the role of the previous chair to 'member'
3. Delete the previous chair person

You committee always needs at least one chair person (multiple chair persons are allowed)

What do the icons mean behind each member?

The icons used in the membership table indicate the attributes of each member. Simply hover over each icon to view the description.


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