Committees with mycommittee

Implementing best practice with mycommittee

Who is this guide for?

Anyone, new or experienced, that is organizing recurring meetings with a committee or other group of people regardless of their goals or objectives, and want to learn more about implementing best practices into the committee and/or meeting process using mycommittee and make meetings (and the work in between) more efficient and effective.

Each chapter is packed with tips and tricks to make your committee and meetings more organized and at the same time save you plenty of time. If you're serious about this, read from start to end!

1. Changing meeting habits

Implementing best practices is not difficult but some committees have been meeting for years and have developed certain habits that might need some tweaking. This chapter will give you some ideas on how to gradually switch your meeting style to get 'more' out of your meetings.

2. Switching to mycommittee (your first agenda)

You signed up with mycommittee, created a portal and now what? Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to convert your old style agendas and minutes to mycommittee and prepare for your first meeting agenda 'New Style'.

3. Creating the minutes

Here we discuss the process of creating the meeting minutes or notes after the meeting. If you followed the basic instructions from chapter 3, this should be a breeze.

4. Getting the most out of mycommittee

In this last chapter we discuss some topics that will enable you to do things that were previously (almost) impossible. We'll describe the collaboration features and how they can be used to optimize your meeting time and save you plenty of preparation and administration work.


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