Quick Tour Getting up and running

Main mycommittee features

Manage members and guests

  • Maintain membership information (only members can access the web site)
  • Maintain guests and other contacts

Create agendas and minutes

  • Use the recurring meeting scheduler or use the built-in 'when-to-meet' tool to quickly agree on a meeting date
  • Create a meeting agenda step-by-step using the best practice based "agenda wizard"
  • Upload and attach documents to the agenda or individual agenda items
  • Members can RSVP online and make notes or add comments to the agenda or specific agenda items after receiving the meeting notification
  • Members can download and review attached meeting documents
  • After or during the meeting, use the "minutes wizard" to quickly convert your agenda into meeting minutes
  • Automatically create tasks for members from action items identified during the meeting
  • Defer or park items that were not completed during the meeting (they will show up automatically later and never be forgotten!)
  • Members can easily request agenda items and view a list of parked and deferred items
  • After receiving the minutes notification, members can review the minutes online and make notes and/or comments. Final corrections can be made before your next meeting, saving you valuable meeting time!

Follow-up on tasks

  • Tasks for members are automatically created when you add action items to the meeting minutes
  • Action items will show up as business arising automatically on the first meeting agenda on or after the due date


  • Attach comments to an agenda, minutes or individual agenda items
  • Forum like discussions can be initiated by any member
  • Send and receive messages to and from other members
  • Get notified immediately or by daily/weekly digest when a new comment is posted or you have new messages in your inbox

Manage documents

  • Upload and share committee documents
  • Attach documents to an agenda or agenda item
  • Upload a new version of a document while keeping the previous version(s)
  • Organize documents in categories

Monitor, evaluate and increase your productivity

  • Create a quick poll to vote or get instant member feedback
  • Create and export a list of all decisions or resolutions in several available formats
  • View meeting statistics

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