Increase Productivity and Accomplish Objectives

Guided by best practice, mycommittee provides a private web site for you and your members to plan, discuss, share and keep track of everything related to your board or committee.

Get started


Create professional looking meeting agendas using the step-by-step and best-practice guided agenda wizard.

  • Create a meeting agenda step-by-step using the best practice based "agenda wizard"
  • Upload and attach documents to the agenda or individual agenda items
  • Members can RSVP online and make notes or add comments to the agenda or specific agenda items after receiving the meeting notification
  • Members can download and review attached meeting documents


Work together on policies, procedures, process and other projects using the built-in communication tools

  • Upload and share committee documents
  • Attach comments and personal notes to meetings, individual agenda items or documents
  • Threaded discussions at the item or document level can resolve conflicts even before the next meeting
  • Use messages to communicate with individual members or the entire team
  • Use quick-polls to quickly get feedback from everyone
  • Never lose important discussions or decisions


Don't lose track of important agenda items, commitments and actions items Create structured meeting minutes using the step-by-step minutes wizard.

  • Keep track and follow-through on actions items
  • Actions items are converted to tasks for committee members
  • Deferred agenda items and discussions will never be lost
  • Create personal or committee tasks for your members
  • Keep communicating and share a common collaboration space in between meetings


Share information with committee members and members of parent committees or create a public web page for your committee.

  • Share documents with members via the private committee web site or with members and guests through meeting attachments
  • Share selected documents between parent and subcommittees
  • Parent committees have read-only access to sub-committee info, membership and meeting minutes
  • An optional public web page allows a committee to share selected information with the public.
  • Share internal committee news through status updates on the new committee time line.