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Board packages

What is a board package?

A board (or meeting) package is a single document in PDF format that contains all the materials for members to prepare for the meeting. It is typically used for board meetings but can be generated by any committee and for any type of meeting.

How do I create a board package?

To create a board package, go to the documents tab in the agenda wizard and click on the 'Meeting package' button in the top right corner. The Meeting package editor will open and you can upload or attach all required meeting documents and add any optional documents from the 'Optional documents' list. Use drag and drop to order the documents. Once all documents are in place and in the correct order, you can generated the meeting package. All non-PDF documents will automatically be converted to PDF format and merged into one single easy to distribute PDF document. The original documents will remain available as well.

For the next meeting, mycommittee will remember your choice and automatically open the Package editor in the agenda wizard. You can revert to individual meeting and item documents by clicking the button 'Revert to individual documents' in the top right corner of the Package editor.

Note: If you choose to create a meeting package, all documents for this meeting should be included in the package. There will be no option to attach documents to individual agenda items.

What file formats are supported?

We support all the commonly used file formats like text files, spreadsheets, presentations, images, etc. generated on Windows, Apple or Linux based computers. All non-pdf documents are first converted to PDF format and subsequently merged into one document.

What are optional documents?

Optional documents are documents that are typically part of any meeting package and mycommittee can easily create and add for you. To add an optional document, simply drag the placeholder from the Optional documents to the Package documents.

What optional documents are available?

A number of default pages can be generated by the package generator. The documents (except for the previous minutes) are always (re)created at the time the package is generated to ensure the most accurate information.

Title page: This page contains the general meeting information like date/time, location, purpose and notes.

Table of contents: This page lists all documents in the package and has links to jump to individual documents.

Member list: A list of all board or committee members including name, email and phone number.

This meeting agenda: The agenda of the meeting this package is attached to

Previous meeting minutes: The package editor will automatically try to find the most recent pdf document of the minutes of the previous meeting. If there was no pdf created from the last meeting meeting minutes, this optional document will not show up in the list.

End page: This mostly empty page marks the end of the package to ensure readers that the package document is complete.

What happens after the package is generated?

The meeting package will only become available to members after the agenda is published. The meeting package will be attached to the agenda notification emails. Members can open the document from the email or can view an online version using the Meeting Package Viewer. The online version can be accessed via the main agenda page of the meeting.

If agenda approvals are enabled for your board or committee, the meeting package needs to be generated and approved as well before the agenda and package can be published.

After the agenda and package is published, the individual documents uploaded to this package can also be accessed in their original format in the documents area.

Can I change the package after it was generated?

Yes, to do this, open the agenda wizard and click on the Package tab. Click the 'Edit' button to change the package contents. Once you make any changes to the documents, the current package will become invalid and you will have to generate a new version. The version number will show up in the package title.

Can I still view and print an individual document from the package?

The online package viewer allows to view and print individual documents in PDF format. The individual documents in their original format will also be available in the documents area after the package is published.

How do I access past meeting packages?

When a meeting package is generated, it is automatically uploaded to your document space in a category called 'Meeting packages'. This category is automatically created when you generate your first meeting package. You can rename this category under the documents area.

Meeting packages will only show up here after the agenda/package was published.